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Our priority is for your freight to deliver on time and in the same condition that it left your facility. We offer exceptional customer service and an experienced team to assist you with all of your transportation needs, at low unbeatable rates. We have a plethora of experienced drivers on call 24/7, ready to pickup or deliver your loads. We also have connections with all of the major carriers such as UPS, Fed-Ex, USPS and more. In addition, we offer a brokerage service ready to optimize your shipments by adding additional stops to your routes making them more cost efficient.

  • Palletizing
  • Picking/Packing
  • Fulfillment Services
  • Replenishment

  • Storage Services
  • Quality Control
  • Assembly Services
  • Efficiency, Flexibility, and Reliability

Exceptional service and logistics support…

Ken Wiphler
Logistics Director, Stilnovo LLC
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…their staff is helpfulĀ and the response time is prompt. Quantum has exceptional customer service…

Christine Hareh
Logistics Coordinator, ControlBrand LLC

Anything from customs regulations, import logistics, and final mile.. Quantum has us covered.


Eric Lau
Logistics Director, France & Son
Once a business relies on our warehousing company, they can then focus on the fundamentals of their own business and maximize operations to their fullest. If your goals include creating a cost-effective supply chain model, allowing your staff to reach their highest potential, or move to a system with real-time online data capabilities, Quantum Shipping Warehouse International can help you succeed.


Collaboratively administrate empowered markets via plug-and-play networks:

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